Rachel is hardworking and task oriented. She has a wonderful attitude and is very professional. She can look at any goal that needs to be accomplished and know exactly what needs to be done to get there. Her work ethic, combined with her skill-set, and knowledge would make her an asset to any business. She is friendly, polite, and a true joy to work with. I’ve enjoyed the time I spent working with her and know that any company would be lucky to have her on their team.

SheRon Marcek
PMA Media Group

I have worked with Rachel in various organizations and have always been impressed with her professionalism. Rachel isn’t afraid to take on tough projects and always manages to keep her cool when things don’t go as planned. Her optimistic attitude makes her a great contributor to any project. She knows how to manage projects and personnel without micromanaging and is a pleasure to work with.

Abram Jones
Bradley Public Relations

Rachel is one of those people you call a “power house.” We worked together at the student-run PR agency at BYU, and Rachel was always showing a supreme dedication to her clients and group. She is full of positive energy and creative ideas, and has the ability to inspire people around her to work even harder. It was a pleasure working with her.

Liliya Wurtz
Bradley Public Relations

I highly recommend Rachel as a competent, reliable and creative writer. Her responses were quick and she delivered exactly what we needed in the agreed time frame. We hope to work with Rachel again in the future.

Hannah Coloson
Publicity Results

Rachel wrote the book on self-motivation and ambition. She handles every project and responsibility with timeliness and accuracy. Her ability to stay positive and focused on a project amidst critical situations and setbacks, in my opinion, are two of her greatest attributes. She is a natural leader and fun to work with. I highly recommend her for any position or responsibility.

Adam Davis
Feinstein/McGuiness PR

Rachel is an enthusiastic self-starter who I found to always be engaging with the other members of the internal team and with clients. Her work was thorough and her writing was excellent. Rachel’s interpersonal skills also were exceptional.

Rebecca Epperson
Chartwell Agency

Rachel is a really good blog writer! Her ideas are creative, clear, and they deliver the message. Will use again in the near future.

Ariel Ghinga
Personality Development Group